Pay It Forward: LeMarkus Snow of Selma

The Vance Law Firm and Alabama News Network are honoring LeMarkus Snow of Selma who is helping change the landscape of his community,  literally.

For more than a month Snow and his handful of employees have been mowing through overgrown cemeteries, parks, city streets and cleaning up trash all across Selma. He owns his own lawn care service, but he’s been doing this work for free.  He’s calling it “Project Clean Up Selma”

The proud Selma native stepped up to fill a need that he says was brought on in part by a shortage of city workers. Nearly 70 city employees were laid off in November 2018.  Many of those positions are still vacant.

Alabama News Network first caught Snow in action last month as he and his crew cleared Lincoln Cemetery, it was overgrown and neglected. Since then, his momentum has been growing like weeds, and he’s played a part in cleaning a handful of similar eyesores around the city. “I just started something and I’m going to finish it,” Snow said.

For his efforts, Alabama News Network and Vance Law Firm are presenting LeMarkus Snow with $333 to help further his cause. Thank you for all you’ve done to make our community better!

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