Coronavirus and Children, UAB Pediatrician Gives Insight

As the start of the school year inches closer, there are still many unknowns about coronavirus and children.

Alabama News Network spoke with Dr. GiGi Youngblood of Children’s Hospital of Alabama to get some answers.

A portion of the interview can be read below.

Q: When it comes to children and coronavirus, are children more or less susceptible to the virus?

A: From what we’ve seen right now, children tend to catch the virus less, spread the virus less, and have less severe illness when they do catch the virus.

Q: When a child has contracted coronavirus are the symptoms similar to what we see in adults?

A: Just like adults. Anything from very mild sniffles and sneezing almost looks more like allergies, all the way up to high fever, chills, loss of appetite, loss of smell, and trouble catching breath.”

Q: There have been reports of rashes emerging in children with coronavirus, what can you tell us about that?

A: It’s actually quite rare but when it does happen, it’s serious and it’s important that providers and parents alike know to monitor for this rash, but again, it’s exceptionally rare.”

Q: What has the recovery been like in children that are diagnosed with coronavirus, are you seeing children admitted to emergency rooms?

A: There is not a zero risk of having a life threatening respiratory situation with COVID. The vast majority of kids though are goin to have a fairly mild illness and recover easily.”

Dr. Youngblood says it is important for parents to speak to their children about what school will look like this fall.

She says conversations about mask and expectations for the school year should be had now so there is no shock factor when students return to the classroom.



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