Medical Breakthroughs: Blood clots & COVID + Detecting Alzheimer’s young + Dementia related to your gums

Women who are pregnant or taking estrogen with birth control or hormone replacement therapy may have a higher risk of blood clots from Coronavirus, according to a new article in the journal ‘Endocrinology.’ COVID-19 can result in blood clots forming in healthy people…and estrogen can increase the risk of clots. Researchers say more study is needed.

Alzheimer’s disease risk factors may be able to be measured when we are teenagers and young adults. That’s according to new research from the Alzheimer’s Association international conference. Risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes… as well as other factors like education quality. Many of these risk factors disproportionately affect African Americans. Older African Americans are more likely to have dementia.

A link between between dementia and severe gum disease: A new study in the journal ‘Neurology’ finds people with the most severe gum disease have about twice the risk for mild cognitive impairment or dementia 20 years later.

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