Montgomery County Probate Office Announces New “No Wait Probate” Tool

Download (9)The Montgomery County Probate Office has announced the new “No Wait Probate” tool to combat the increase in demand of services and help reduce wait time. Now with No Wait Probate, citizens who need to conduct business at one of the Probate Offices will no longer be required to physically stand in line thus decreasing their risk of exposure to both COVID-19 and any outdoor elements such as extreme heat and rain.

When citizens arrive at one of the four Montgomery County Probate Offices, they can join the waiting list virtually using their smartphone and then wait from the comfort of their vehicle. By visiting or scanning the posted QR code, users can enter a mobile phone number and be contacted via text or call when it’s their time to enter the building.

“This is a vital service that meets the needs of our residents,” said Judge J C Love. “Our new No Wait Probate web-based app eliminates the long lines at our offices and provides a quicker, more succinct process to conduct business. Although it was developed due to COVID-19 pandemic public health guidelines, this is a service that will be beneficial for our residents for years to come.”

 No Wait Probate was developed by the Montgomery based media and software solution company, Serquest. Visit to join a wait list and to learn more about this new exciting step to better serve our residents and keep them safe.

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