Wetumpka Locals Back the Blue Saturday

On Saturday, about 100 people gathered at the Wetumpka Police Department to pray for law enforcement officers and first responders.

“If all you see is negative everyday, you probably wouldn’t want to get up and do your job, but they choose to get up and do it regardless,” Ashley Carter, event organizer told Alabama News Network. “To me, that means so much because they do support us and they do protect us and keep us safe.  I’m very thankful for that.”

Members of the community came out to share their positive experiences dealing with first responders and how they have impacted their lives. Local pastors were also on hand to lead prayer, asking for continued safety and protection of law enforcement and first responders.

The police department did not have a flagpole, so one was installed on Friday, July 31st. Everyone gathered around the flag pole for prayer.

The Back The Blue group is now working on getting a “Back the Blue” billboard set on HWY 231. The group hopes to expand into a 501(c) so they can continue to support first responders in need… and even help provide college scholarships for their children.

For more information, visit their Facebook page, Alabama Backs the Blue.


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