Dallas Co. School District Prepares for Face to Face Learning

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Dallas County School officials continue to get ready for the start of the new school year — amid COVID-19.

Wal Dcschoolpreps VoThe school district is preparing to bring some students back to school for face to face learning. So officials are now taking the necessary precautions — to bring students back safely.

Face shields, sneeze guards and other PPEs are being provided for teachers and students.

Dr. Tanya Miles is the Safety Coordinator for the school district.

“For our students when they’re in their desks we’ve ordered — it’s called the micro-barrier. And it’s a plexi-glass tri-fold that go around our students to protect them,” said Miles.

“So, it will offer them an opportunity when they’re working at their seats to relax their masks, so that they can be free and not have that mask tied to them all day long.”

Miles says the PPEs are being distributed to all twelve of the schools in the district.

She says each school will also have its own nurse on campus.

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