Local Schools Implement Safety Protocols

We are approaching the start of school for students across our area, and many school districts are taking different approaches.

Wi Fi Bus In Liberty County Ga School System 1

Pike Road Elementary is hosting a summer camp this week that gives us a look at the protocols in place for a safe return to the classroom.  Pike Road is offering traditional in-person schooling, all virtual, or a blended model for students this year.  If you choose in-person learning they’re putting extra measures in place to keep students safe like face masks and social distancing.

They’re also making a change when it comes to school buses.  Pike Road Schools Communications Coordinator Rebecca Williams says they’ll have fewer students riding the bus as 40 percent have chosen the virtual or blended option.

“We’re even trying to design our routes so that we further reduce the number of riders, just to minimize the number of students,” she explained.

Another major change will come in the lunch room for Pike Road students.  They’re extending the lunch hours each day and rotating students from eating in their classroom one day, to eating in the cafeteria the next.

For more on Pike Road Schools reopening plan, click here.

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