What the Tech? Do You Need a New Internet Router?

A few years ago my kids opened an unexpected and rather odd Christmas gift; a WiFi router. I remember their puzzled faces as they tried to figure out what they’d just unwrapped.

Strange as it seemed at the time, it was one of the best gifts under the tree and it was probably the only gift that has lasted 5 years.

As we’ve added smart home devices such as Firesticks, Chromecasts, smart TVs, Rokus, additional computers, a smart doorbell, security cameras, and new phones and tablets, our internet speeds were going to slow down considerably. The super-fast router is handling all of that.

Now a new router on the market will be even better and as more parents work from home while the kids are doing some school remotely this fall, more households around the country are going to need to speed up their home internet and WiFi.

WiFi 6 is the newest technology released just last year and according to the experts, it is 3-4 times faster than the most recent WiFi routers.

“WiFi 6 is all about improved performance,” explained Rayan Fakhro of one of the most widely known WiFi router companies, D-Link. “So you’re going to get faster speeds.”

The previous generation, WiFi 5 is fast enough for most homes but the greatest improvement in WiFi 6 is how it smartly manages all of the devices on the network.

An Amazon Alexa device or Google Home does not require a great amount of bandwidth to work. A WiFi 6 router knows this
and will devote a smaller amount of bandwidth to those devices and deliver faster speeds to things like smart TVs and laptop computers for Zoom meetings.

The WiFi 6 standard was released in 2019 and its routers have slowly been making it to retailers. They range in prices from $300-$600 right now but prices are coming down. Based on what we’ve seen in technological advances with recent generations, WiFi 6 will likely be the fastest routers for the next 5-10 years.

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