New ‘Safe Room’ Storm Shelter Arrives In Macon County

There’s a new storm shelter, protecting rural residents in Macon County.

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A  Safe Room was delivered and assembled next to the Chisolm Community Center, on County Road 69.  It’s a bout 25 square feet and will serve residents in District one of Macon County — the community known as “Little Texas”.  It’s built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

“It can accommodate almost 150 -175 people” explained Frank Lee,  Director of The Macon County Emergency Management Agency.

It’s the first shelter of its kind in the area. “Many of the areas in Macon County have some sort of storm shelter right now, but this particular area did not have one until now”  said Miles Robinson. Robinson represents the district on the Macon County Commission.

The project has been about four years in the making  lee and Robinson said. The safe room will also double as a community room, when its not being used as a storm shelter.

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