Montgomery Census Officials Concerned that Earlier Deadline Will Lead to Less Participation

The time is running out to fill out your census. Local census officials are worried of the potential negative impacts that the census ending early will have. The census will end nearly a month earlier than planned. It was learned that this time last week that to be counted, households must complete the survey by September 30, rather than October 31.

This year has already been a challenge, to collect census responses amid COVID concerns.

Montgomery’s census manager Candy Capel says the earlier deadline is now another hurdle to clear. Capel says the city’s current census participation of 59.7% is much lower than the 2010 state average of about 72%. She says she is concerned the earlier deadline will mean significantly less people will get their information back to be counted in time.

Census workers will begin going door to door to collect information Tuesday, August 11. This is the first year you can respond completely online, here. 

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