Many MPS Students Begin Virtual Instruction Without Devices

An additional 15,000 devices have been on order since April.

Montgomery Public Schools will have a completely virtual program for at least the first 9 weeks.

Many students had not been issued internet capable devices as school began Monday.

MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore says devices have been on order for months.

“The problem in the United States of America is that every school district ordered devices,” says Dr. Moore.

MPS has roughly 28 thousand students.

The additional 15 thousand devices that are on order would create a one to one ratio of student to device.

Due to high demand there is a delay in producing and shipping mass orders.

“We apologize for that, but every school has a back up plan for those parents that did not get a device,” said Moore.

That back up plan includes instructional material that can be picked up at individual schools.

Dr. Moore says it’s important for parents to make sure their children are registered at their school, and all the contact information is up to date.

If your child has not received a device, contact the students school administration and they will make provisions to ensure a device is received when they are delivered,


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