Lawyer for Johnston Taylor Files Motion for Judge to Recuse Himself from Trial

Graphic from Auburn University

One of the attorneys representing Johnston Taylor, the teen charged with the death of Auburn announcer, Rod Bramblett and his wife Paula, has filed a motion for the judge in the trial to recuse himself.

Taylor’s attorney, Tommy Spina, filed the motion on August 10. Spina stated in the motion that the reasoning is “based on grounds raised by the Court’s advice to counsel for the defendant and for the State of Alabama, in a conference call conducted on August 4, 2020, after filings under the seal, defendant moves for recusal and reassignment of the above captioned cause.”

Photo from Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office

Attempts to reach Spina by phone were unsuccessful, but Walter Northcutt, another attorney representing Taylor, told Alabama News Network that the procedure is standard and there wasn’t a reason for the motion. Northcutt said if all five Lee County judges recused themselves, the Alabama Supreme Court would appoint a visiting judge.

The trial scheduled to start November 2 at 8:30 am, but the motion filed could delay the trial.

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