Montgomery Is On Pace for Deadliest Year in Decades

Montgomery now has 41 murders and is on pace to have one of its deadliest years to date.

The uptick in violent crime and murders has many residents concerned and even afraid.

Police Chief Ernest Finley says the department is working hard to control what they can when it comes to violent crime, but officers cannot be everywhere at all times.

“Dealing with the pandemic, covid-19, shelter in place, folks are kind of short tempered,” says Chief Finley.

Finley says that many of the murders in the city are not related to gang violence, but are the results of disagreements, and lack of self control.

“It’s individuals with a disagreement, maybe a drug deal went bad, maybe an argument, maybe domestic.”

Many of the violent crimes in Montgomery can be traced to specific communities, and officials say residents are fed up with the murders.

“Their tired, and quite frankly, scared,” said Finley.

MPD had partnered with the District Attorneys Office, The Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Hateless foundation to increase community outreach and provide options for the youth of Montgomery to draw them away from a life of crime.

Patrols have been increased in high crime areas, and officers are out engaging the community, but Finley says at the end of the day officers cannot police self control.

“We’re out here hustling alright, but the k ey to all of this is that we cannot control instant anger and its outburst.”

Finley says community engagement is key in curbing  violent crime. He says it starts in the home, and parents and community members must reinforce positive behavior and discipline.

If you have information that can help police bring justice to those in the community that choose to commit violent crime and murder, call the MPD Secret Witness Hotline at 334-625-4000.

For more information on the HateLess Foundation click here.



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