TEKPAK, Inc. Hosts Census Day Event in Perry Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Census officials are working with local business leaders in Perry County — to try and make sure “Everyone Counts” in Perry County.

Wal Perrycensus PkgTEKPAK, Incorporated hosted a Census Day event Wednesday morning in Marion. The event was part of a strategic Census push.

Perry County Census Coordinator Deandre Kimbrough says its vital for people in the community to stand up — and be counted.

“The census is tied to our infrastructure. It determines the amount of dollar we get in order to keep our bridges open, our roads repaired,” Kimbrough said.

“It’s tied to our schools. It makes sure that we have funding so that students will be able to continue to get a quality education.”

Kimbrough says census workers continue to go door to door in the county — to help people complete the census.

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