Alabama State University Students Move into Dorms

The university is going to great lengths to try and keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

To view the Alabama State University re-opening guide, click here.

Alabama State University students have been moving into residence halls on an appointment only basis.

This model helps keep large numbers of students from congregating while moving in, thus decreasing exposure risk.

ASU is also requiring mask to be worn on campus and in classrooms.

“We’re a mask mandatory campus, and all of our students, faculty , and staff are required to be tested for covid,” said ASU President Dr. Quinton Ross Jr.

Students began moving in last Saturday, and will continue  to move in until August 18th.

All students must have a negative coronavirus test before they are admitted into dorms.

President Ross says ASU has Quidel SOPHIA 2 rapid result testing on campus.

Trained medical staff will issue random testing, and testing for anyone displaying symptoms.

“That helps us ensure that all students are tested, all of our faculty is tested, all of our staff,” says Ross.

Dorms were deep cleaned over the summer, and staff will continue to disinfect surfaces on a daily rotation.

ASU has also commissioned an isolation dorm.

This area is for students who are awaiting a coronavirus test right now, and will be used to house students who may have been exposed once classes begin.

The university has been working on their re-opening plan since March.

Classes begin on Monday, August 17th.



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