State Leaders on Challenges Facing Schools

Staffing, supplies and stopping the spread of the Coronavirus…those are just a few of the many challenges schools are facing this year.

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State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey says the need for substitute teachers will cause problems for schools this year.  While the number of teachers retiring has not gone up from previous years, Dr. Mackey says they are still looking for subs.

“That’s of course a low paying job, a lot of retirees that do it, and this year we don’t have nearly as many subs,” Dr. Mackey explained.

Dr. Mackey says the number one concern from teachers right now is contact tracing, which is how you find out if you’ve been exposed to a positive Coronavirus case.

“If there is a positive case in the school, a child or an adult, that we do the contact tracing quickly so that we mitigate any spread of the virus,” Dr. Mackey shared.

With some school districts already in session, Dr. Mackey says there have been issues with online and virtual learning, but that it’s something that everyone is working through together.

Dr. Mackey was also asked about the supplies needed to clean school buildings on a more frequent basis.  He says he has not heard of any shortages of those cleaning supplies.

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