Troy University Experiences 40 COVID-19 Cases in Last 14 Days

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On Wednesday, Aug. 12, Troy University officials were made aware of two confirmed cases involving students who are residents of on-campus residence halls – one from Newman Hall 100 and one from Rushing Hall. The students are currently in quarantine off campus.

One student, who lives in the same suite as one of the students who tested positive, is also quarantining off campus. A second student suite mate has tested negative and has exhibited no symptoms.

Troy University continue to urge students to take advantage of free COVID-19 testing available to all college students in Alabama through the GuideSafe program. School officials say they believe that testing is important, but it’s just one part of multi-layered strategy to slow the spread of coronavirus. Face-coverings, social distancing, and daily monitoring of symptoms are equally important.

TROY officials and the University’s Coronavirus Task Force continue to monitor developments related to COVID-19 and urge students, faculty and staff to follow the TROY Strong guidelines.

There been 40 COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days.

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