What the Tech? Window Swap Gives You a New View

Sitting in front of a computer monitor all day can eventually take its toll on our moods and psyche. Maybe your home office has no windows or you’re just sick and tired of looking out at the same old’ backyard.

What if you could open a window somewhere else in the world?

If you can’t travel this summer, a clever website will at least give you a fresh look at the world.

Window-swap.com is a simple website where people all over the world record and upload video from their window or balcony. Visiting the homepage you can click or tap on a button to browse random window views.

When I visited the site and clicked the button I was looking out a window from a flat in Brooklyn, New York. Another click and I was looking at a street corner from a balcony in San Paulo, Brazil. The next click and I was looking at the country-side from a window in France.

Before I realized it, I had looked through the windows in cities and towns all over the world including Hawaii, Germany, and Thailand.

The videos are nothing fancy and there’s no production value. Just someone propping up their phone or camera looking out their window.

You’ll see the location on the screen along with the first name of the person who submitted the video. People are uploading videos from other parts of the world every day and the site now has videos from dozens, if not hundreds of beautiful and mundane views of the world around us.

A husband and wife created the website a couple of months ago while in quarantine. There are no ads, no FAQ listing, and no contact information. Just the primary button and a place to upload your video.

Anyone can upload a video from their window or balcony. It needs to be a 10-minute horizontal view, just make sure the camera doesn’t move by propping it up or putting it on a tripod.

Many videos do include audio but no one talking. I found a few that had a music soundtrack. Mostly though, it’s just video with natural sound.

Videos are reviewed before they’re placed on the website. It isn’t a live stream so it’s perfectly safe for anyone to drop in on any video.

Lake views from Alabama and New York, beach scenes from France, and a playground in Russia are just a few others I discovered.

You can watch the videos on a second computer monitor, on your phone or a tablet or you might even be able to cast the videos to a TV.

If you’re surrounded only by walls and you can’t travel this summer, window-swap might help with cabin-fever. But you’ll probably be a little jealous of what other people get to see every day.

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