Pay It Forward: Lela Underwood of Selma


The Vance Law Firm and Alabama News Network are honoring Lela Underwood of Selma.

Underwood has made it her mission to serve the elderly community in West Alabama. The way she’s doing that has had to change because of COVID-19 but, she’s still making it happen.

She hasn’t been able to make her usual rounds to nursing homes in Selma to spend hours encouraging dozens of residents. Often times she’s the only familiar face many of them get to see.

“I miss it so much,  I miss seeing them I  miss talking to them in person” she explained.  She still keeps in touch with as many as she can on the phone. “It’s ok talking on the phone but its important to hug people and talk to them and make them feel like they are needed”.

Underwood is still spending her down time with others in mind. She’s cooking and delivering meals for the sick and shut in, and providing transportation for her neighbors in need without asking for a thing in return.

For her efforts, The Vance Law Firm and Alabama News Network are presenting her with $333. Thank you Lela, for all that you do!

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