What the Tech? See What the Post Office Is Supposed to Deliver to Your Mailbox

There’s been a lot of news about the post office in recent days. Proposed cutbacks could affect how you receive your mail and if you’ve ever suspected mail pieces are not making their way to your mailbox, there’s a way to find out.

The USPS added a service called “Informed Delivery” a few years ago and it’s now available to most zip codes across the country.

If you sign up for the service at www.informeddelivery.usps.gov you will get an email each morning that includes photos of up to 10 pieces of mail you should expect to be delivered.

If one of the pieces of mail is not delivered within a few days of receiving the email, the resident can report the letters as missing.

The photos are gray-scale images of letters, bills, and anything else that’s letter size. You won’t see images of advertising mailers and flyers or magazines. In addition to the photos, you will also see if any packages are expected to be delivered with their tracking numbers.

A couple of years ago the US Secret Service suggested that all residents sign up for the service as a way to prevent criminals from stealing important mail from your mailbox.

At that time, 7 individuals had been arrested and charged with using the informed delivery service to monitor what mail would be delivered and then intercepted those pieces of mail before the resident knew anything about it.

Anyone can sign up and opt into the service by enrolling with their address, name, email address, and phone number. The Secret Service allege the criminals were signing up on behalf of residents and then receiving the photos each morning.

The tactic resulted in criminals allegedly stealing credit cards from the mailboxes and running up over $400,000 in charges.

The Postal Service has enhanced its security now and will verify that the person enrolling in informed delivery is the homeowner. The USPS encourages every resident to enroll in the service or opt-out so that no one else will be able to enroll for that address.

Enrolling in the service will also give residents access to a USPS dashboard where they can see what mail is to be delivered and what should have been delivered.

To find out more and see a list of frequently asked questions and answers, go to www.informeddelivery.usps.gov

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