What the Tech? App of the Day: DoNotPay

Filing paperwork for the government is no easy task.

As millions of Americans file for unemployment insurance in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic they’re learning that getting the right information together and navigating the official website can be daunting.

An app known by some as a robot lawyer can help get started quickly.

DoNotPay was developed by a man who was tired of fighting parking tickets. Using bots, DoNotPay asks a few questions about the issue someone is dealing with and directs them on the proper steps to take action.

Recently, DoNotPay added filing for unemployment and coronavirus relief to its arsenal of legal expertise.

To file for unemployment with the app, a bot will ask a few questions and shows you a checklist of things you’ll need in advance. It then guides you through the process and if your state takes claims over the internet, DoNotPay will file it for you.

In the new Coronavirus relief category, DoNotPay will draft letters for people to send to their credit card companies asking to waive any late fees they might have incurred.

Additionally, the DoNotPay app now has an anti-spam email bot. The app instructs you to forward any spam emails to spam@donotpay.com. You’ll be unsubscribed from the email list and enroll you in any class action lawsuits facing that company.

DoNotPay offers legal help in dozens of categories including letters drafted to get money back from landlords, enrolls people in the “Do Not Call” list, and will even fight robocalls.

By visiting www.donotpay.com you will see more of what the app offers.

The app is free but to use the services there is a $3 a month charge or $36/year. Right now the app is only for iOS but the developer says they are working on an Android version.

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