Former Long-Time State Representative James Thomas Has Died

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Former long-time State Representative James Thomas has died. Thomas passed away over the weekend.

Former state senator Hank Sanders — and former state representative James Thomas — served close to 30 years together in the state legislature.

“And we worked to help lift Dallas County, and Wilcox County and Lowndes County,” said Sanders.

Thomas represented the people of House District 69. He was also the principal at Wilcox Central for more than 20 years.

Sanders says Thomas was champion for education.

“He had a genuine desire to see that the education was improved for our people. And he worked at it. Eventually, he ran into some problems concerning a student,” said Sanders.

Thomas was convicted of having sexual contact with a female student back in 2012.

But that doesn’t take away from his genuine desire to educate our children,” Sanders said.

District Attorney Michael Jackson prosecuted the case.

“This is a person who had some good points, but he also had the bad points,” said Jackson.

“And then like a year and a half ago he had gotten shot by somebody. Nothing ever came of that. Because he didn’t cooperate with law enforcement on that.”

Thomas also served as the president of the National Conference of Black State Legislators.

“He was working both in this state and working across this country to try to include those who was left out,and lift those who had been knocked down,” said Sanders.

Thomas served in the state legislature from 1982 to 2010.

He died Saturday from a stomach aneurysm. He was 77.

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