Safety Shields Installed in Circuit Courtrooms in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Fourth Judicial Circuit is installing safety shields in courtrooms throughout the five county circuit.

Judge Collins Pettaway says the project is an effort to protect against the spread of COVID-19 — during in-person court proceedings.

Wal Courtrooms Mini (1)Sneeze guards will be put up around the judge’s bench — the jury box — the court reporter — and the witness stand.

“This might be a common thing now, but it at least gets everybody back to working. And let’s everybody know that it’s safe,” said Jody Minchew of Discount Glass Company.

The project will add another level of protection from Coronavirus — during court proceedings. The aluminum-framed glass shields are being installed in courtrooms throughout the circuit.

“There are certain criminal cases that people have a right to have an in-person proceeding. And we don’t want to violate anybody’s constitutional rights. So therefore, we will try to do those in person,” said Pettaway.

Nevertheless, Pettaway says most cases will continue to be held virtually.

The 4th Judicial Circuit includes Dallas — Perry — Wilcox — Bibb — and Hale counties.

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