2020 SABBA Labor Day Fishing Tournament

Happening this Labor Day weekend: The 2020 fall fishing tournament for the Sports Association Black Bass Anglers (SABBA) was held Saturday morning on Lake Logan Martin in Pell City.

SABBA Has been around for 30 years.

Due to COVID-19, the fall tournament was cancelled. The organization has two tournaments each year: one in the spring the other in the fall. They were originally scheduled to go to Greenwood, South Carolina to fish the Ferguson Lake, but due to the pandemic a lot of changes were made, and they canceled that tournament.

This Labor Day tournament was special for about 100 anglers hitting the waters of Lake Logan Martin around 5:30 Saturday morning… Of course Covid guidelines were implemented.

“All the things that the government is asking us..the State of Alabama is asking us to do, we’re doing it,” Jim Austin, SABBA Atlanta said. “We are making sure people wear masks. We are making sure they have the correct social distancing, and we are having everything out in the open. We didn’t have any meetings on the inside… everything is in the open and all for the purpose of keeping that virus from attacking someone.”

“We come in and we make a major print on the economy, so I just want business owners to realize that ‘guess what these guys are coming,’ and I don’t say role the carpet out… if you just put it down we’ll role it out for ourselves,” Gene Washington, SABBA Atlanta said.

SABBA members are from Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Arkansas.

They have special programs for youth and are working with children in Alabama and North Carolina… teaching them life skills about outdoor living.

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