Small Businesses in Selma Struggle to Hang On Amid COVID-19

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

As communities start to reopen from the pandemic — people are being urged to get out and support small businesses in their communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit small businesses have been hit especially hard and many have been unable to hang on.

Hunter Butts runs the Downtowner Restaurant in downtown Selma.

Wal Shopsmall Pkg2“The service industry has been impacted the most. Bars and restaurants. A lot of these small towns, a lot of them aren’t going to come back,” said Butts.

“We closed down for a little over two months. Opened back up in the first of June. It’s been hit and miss really. Some days we think we’re back full speed and others, most we’re not. We still have a long way to got to be back where we need to be.”

El Ranchero was one of the city’s most popular restaurants before the pandemic. It closed down due to COVID-19 and has yet to reopen for business.

“And even when the packages that they were putting out for the small businesses, you know, that process takes a while. And some businesses might not see it in time for relief,” said Butts.

That’s why officials at the Chamber of Commerce say its crucial for residents to support local small businesses.

“They’re the heart beat of our community and our nation. And just can’t emphasize enough the importance. Because when you shop locally that shows community support,” said Sheryl Smedley.

“And for every dollar that you spend here locally 67 cents stays here in our community.

Additionally, it may help the business stay in the community as well.

Small Business Week kicks off across the state — September 22nd.

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