Selma Church Distributes Tons of Food to Hundreds of Families

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma church hands out tons of food this morning — to help hundreds of people — feed their families.

The folks at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church on the corner of Dallas Avenue and Broad Street in Selma — held a drive-thru food giveaway at the church Thursday morning.

Church volunteers loaded up hundreds of vehicles — with boxes of food — to help people feed their families.

Wal Cornerstonefood Mega Vo“It’s a pretty significant need in a community like Selma. We have a significant poverty rate and time are tough in our neighborhoods. And our families are struggling and we want to be able to help with that,” said Rev. Steve Burton.

Ovetta Hyman lives on a fixed income. She says food giveaways like these — are a blessing for families like hers.

“It is. It’s just been rough since this pandemic been out because — this food that they giving us through these food lines, I take it off my grocery list because in the grocery store it’s doubled, she said.

Burton says the church hosts a food giveaway about every 6 weeks — in partnership with the Selma Area Food Bank.

“We’re just trying to love on our community and provide for some of the needs in our community in what is understandably a really difficult time for a lot of people.”

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