Montgomery Restaurant Expands on how the Pandemic is Affecting Business

The Cork and Cleaver restaurant continues to recover from lost income and customer support after being closed down for two months due to the pandemic.

After Governor Ivey issued her first stay at home order, the restaurant provided takeout service for a short time, but said it was not financially substantial. The restaurant fully closed down in March and did not reopen until mid-April. Even after opening back up, the staff was cautions upon returning, and some were more reliant on the unemployment program. Ryan Friday, restaurant owner, said he was able to have a conversation with his staff and discuss a safe plan to reopen.

“It’s been a nervous situation and a tough time,” Friday said. “I definitely see the light. Hopefully the numbers keep going down like they have been lately. At some point soon enough we can move forward and not have to do all this stuff. At the same time, we’re doing what we have to do to maintain our safety and trying to protect not only our customers but our employees and ourselves.”

Though they are not where they used to be, Friday said he’s happy to operate at 80% customer business. He hopes that the local, state and federal government continue to do more to help restaurant owners re-open and stay open.

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