AG Steve Marshall Warns Alabamians of Price Gauging During State of Emergency

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is warning Alabamians of price gauging during the State of Emergency. The price gauging law is in effect ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Sally.

Alabama’s price gouging law comes into effect when the Governor declares a State of Emergency and it prohibits the ‘unconscionable pricing’ of items for sale or rent.  Governor Ivey declared a State of Emergency “based on the imminent threat of Tropical Storm Sally, which has now strengthened into Hurricane Sally.

The Alabama News Network Weather Authority teams says Hurricane Sally will make landfall early Wednesday morning.

Consumers and officials can report concerns of alleged fraud or illegal price gouging to the Attorney General’s Consumer Interest Division by visiting the Attorney General’s website to file a complaint at, or by calling toll-free 1-800-392-5658, or writing to Alabama Attorney General’s Office, 501 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama, 36130.


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