What the Tech? App of the Day: Triller, an Alternative to TikTok

As the popular app TikTok is set to be removed from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store Sunday night, apps are lining up to replace it in the daily lives of people across the United

YouTube and Instagram launched TikTok-like sections of their apps and others have added short video clips, there’s also the Byte app, started by the guys who launched Vine.

The app best positioned to be the next TikTok is Triller.

Triller looks a lot like TikTok. The short videos play automatically. Watch videos from people you’re following and there’s a “social” feed which is an automated stream of videos that are trending. The music tab is all music videos.

Since you’re just getting started, you should search through your friends and contacts to find anyone who’s already using the app or invite people you know.

I think it’s easier to create a video on Triller than it is on TikTok. Tap the plus sign to see options to create a music video or social video. Social gives you some special effects to choose from. A recording is one press of a button.

If you choose to create a music video, you’ll find a huge selection of rap and hip-hop songs pre-made for Triller.

You can see what others are doing with the songs here too. The key to success for any TikTok competitor or alternative is how many celebrities are using it and you’ll find famous people who’ve already built up a following on Triller.

Another plus is all the companies partnering with Triller to provide music, special effects, and clips.

Triller is rated for teens due to quite a bit of profanity and some sexual images in videos. In the days leading up to the TikTok ban, Triller has shot up the charts of favorite photo and video apps.

If you have TikTok on your phone, it’ll continue to work for a while after the app is removed from the app stores, but it won’t be updated which could bring some privacy issues.

As it’s going now, Triller is capable of making people forget all about TikTok

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