Montgomery Criminal Trials By Jury Set to Resume in November

Officials say summons for jury duty will begin being sent out on October 1.

In March the Chief Justice of Alabama suspended all trials by jury due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now with a better idea of coronavirus numbers, and guidelines to slow the spread, jury trials are set to resume.

The absence of jury trials has resulted in a backlog of around 2000 cases in Montgomery county.

Officials say the most violent and dangerous crimes will take priority when trials resume.

Because the courthouse is being renovated right now, there will be a small amount of cases heard, and more will be added in 2021.

Renovations at the courthouse are expected to be completed before years end.

The county courthouse does have an obligation to have public trials, so families of victims and  the accused will be allowed into courtrooms.

Safety protocols such as social distancing, manditory mask, temperature checks, and strict sanitation schedules will be enforced.

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