Montgomery Police Continue to Search for Answers in Murder of ASU Student

Montgomery police are still searching for answers in the murder of Alabama State University student Adam Dowdell Jr. Dowdell was reported missing and last seen on September 8 before being found dead on September 14.

Missing Asu Student

Ivry Hall, 20, of Chicago, is charged with the murder of Dowdell. He turned himself in to authorities on September 18. It is confirmed that Hall was a student at ASU as well.

Hall, Ivry Murder (intentionally Cause Death)

Ivry Hall

Dowdell’s body was found near the old BTW High School in the 800 block of Hutchinson Street. This is right down the street from ASU.

According to an autopsy, Dowdell died from a gunshot.

Circumstances surrounding this shooting is under investigation.


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