Selma Restaurant Takes Business on the Road During Pandemic

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Restaurants everywhere are struggling to survive — due to the effect that Covid-19 has had on business. But one Selma restaurant is managing to stay afloat by taking it’s business — out on the road.

Before COVID-19 — Tally-Ho Restaurant was one of Selma’s most popular restaurants. Even though its located off the beaten path.

“It’s definitely not on your main thoroughfare. You got to know where you’re going when you go to it,” said owner Paul Wilkerson.

Wal Covidfoodtruck Fox PkgThe restaurant had been doing business in the city — since 1942. Then COVID-19 hit — and all the business dried up.

“It’s decimated the restaurant business,” said Wilkerson.

“It’s been a tough couple of months, six months.”

Wilkerson says the pandemic forced him to close down the restaurant — and start thinking outside the box. And that’s when he decided to dust off an old food truck he had — and take his business to the streets.

“The way it’s advertised and the way we’re going to operate it has definitely grown since COVID. We can be totally socially distanced here. We’ve got a contact less card reader. The foods bagged. Gloves. Masks. The customer walks up grabs it and their good to go.”

Wilkerson says having the food truck — has kept the restaurant afloat during the pandemic.

He hopes to reopen for business at the main restaurant — in the coming weeks.

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