Dallas Co. Schools Provides Mobile Hot Spots for Students

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Dallas County Schools is outfitting 30 buses in it’s fleet — with Wi-Fi technology.

“It’s our plan to eventually have all 72 of our buses outfitted, but this first 30 will be placed strategically,” said Superintendent Hattie Shelton.

Wal Buswifi Mini“We still have some students that are still not getting internet well. And so, hopefully, this will help.”

Shelton says the buses will be placed in rural areas of the county where there is spotty or no internet service available for students.

The school bus hot spots provide internet access within a 300 feet radius of the bus.

“All the buses will be deployed starting next week into their communities. And most of them will be either near a bus drivers home or we have some other locations where they’ve agreed to allow us to park,” said Shelton.

Students in Dallas County Schools — are doing both — in-person and virtual learning — during this first nine weeks of the school year.

DCS has 11 schools and serves about 2900 students.

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