New Selma University President Shares His Vision for the School’s Future

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The new president at Selma University shares his vision for the future of the historically black private college.

President Eddie Hill, Jr says addressing the school’s ongoing financial troubles — and increasing student enrollment are top priorities.

“We have to get students here and we have to get our finances in order,” he said.

Hill says getting the school’s ability to receive federal student aid reinstated — will go a long way to help.

“We had to fill out application let them know what we are doing,” Hill said.

“The federal government make sure you make documentation on what you do, you just don’t spend money — as long as you doing that, adhere to their rules, them they’ll be supportive of you. But when you deviate from it, then you got problems.”

Wal Selmahill Fox PkgHill says his vision for the university includes expanding the educational programs available at the school. Right now — Selma University is primarily known as a bible college for training preachers and pastors.

“Divinity is an endeavor from the heart. Education is an occupation that you want to make a living and try to do it. But we can do both sides.

Hill says his goal — is to see Selma University thrive — and churn out successful graduates.

“I wanna see, and look out this window and see 200 or 300 hundred students running around here enjoying this school and have some pride in it.”

Hill says he also has plans in the works — to resurrect the school’s now defunct basketball program.

Selma University was founded in 1878 — and Hill is the school’s 21st President.

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