Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Welcomes New Comfort Dog

Montgomery County DA Daryl Bailey welcomed the newest member to their staff. He announced Canine Companions for Independence Facility Dog Zurg as part of the team. Zurg will assist handler Stephanie Moore during her work as a Victim Services Officer helping child victims of abuse or neglect. Zurg has two years of specialized training as a facility dog.

The Estimated costs of an expertly trained canine companion facility dog like Zhuk is about $50,000 however each facility dog is provided at no cost.

Zurg and Stephanie Moore come to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office through the HERO program. The HERO program is a statewide Certified Facility Dog Program to assist in helping victims throughout the criminal process.

Zurg will offer healing and comfort that only a dog can offer during therapy session with clients especially calming young children.

The program is executed by the Alabama Office of Prosecution Service and funded by a grant reward through the Alabama Department of Economic and Communuty Affairs.

The portion of the grant funding allocated for Montgomery DA’s Office new team members approximately $179,000, includes Moore’s salary and the value of Zurg $50,000 and all equipment and supplies that have been purchased for them.
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