Christian Outreach Alliance Distributes Tons of Food in Selma

From the West Alabama newsroom–

A Selma charity gives away tons of free food — to hundreds of needy families Thursday in Selma.

Volunteers with the Christian Outreach Alliance Food Pantry — were hard at work for hours — handing out food at a drive-thru food giveaway.

Wal Coafoodgiveaway Fox MiniA line of cars that wrapped around the building and down the street — illustrates the need — for what they’re doing.

“One has to remember that the unemployment right now is just a few hundred dollars, they don’t have that federal unemployment to help out. And if you’ve got several kids, rent, power, gas, lights, you know, that’s a lot,” said Candi Duncan.

“The food is something that you don’t have to go out and buy if you come through us and get it.”

Tons of food was given out to hundreds of people to help them feed their families.

A need made worse — by COVID-19 — and the devastating economic impact it’s had on the area.

“Service industry is really big and we are hurting for those kind of people,” said Duncan.

“I feel for them, I do. And those of us who were working for the city and got laid off you know, that was 78 families possibly. A lot of them come through the line here too.”

Food bags included — assorted canned goods — a green bean casserole — and fresh sweet potatoes straight from the farm.

Due to the holidays in November and December, the Food Pantry will only be open on the 2nd & 3rd Thursdays.

Drive-Thru food giveaways will be held on November 12th & 19th — and December 10th & 17th.

Individuals can come only once a month.

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