AEA Issues Statement on Montgomery Teacher Protest

The Alabama Education Association has released a statement regarding the protest of some teachers in Montgomery Public Schools over the return to in-person classes. Starting today, students now have the option of going to school or continue with virtual learning.

The protesting teachers say not enough has been done to protect them from coronavirus.

This is the statement from AEA:

AEA is aware of the frustration many educators have regarding their health and safety – and although today’s protest was not spearheaded by AEA, the association is focused on the safety of all education employees in Montgomery County as they return to work.

AEA has made great efforts to make sure both students and educators are as safe as possible in their classrooms and schools. Local AEA UniServ Directors Quintlon Ross and Lynn Pettway have been in constant contact with educators and administrators regarding their concerns. “We have had many conversations with teachers, support staff, and the superintendent,” said Lynn Pettway. “If there are any concerns school employees have, they need to notify us as soon as possible so we can offer assistance.”

AEA’s position has been consistent – the safety and well-being of educators and students is our priority. The AEA Legal Department reviews reopening plans daily and is prepared to file litigation against systems who are not in compliance with those plans and guidelines.

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