“Big Mo” helps ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ to help Fight Breast Cancer


Southern League baseball may have been suspended for the year but “Big Mo,” the Biscuits mascot, did make it out to some games Tuesday.

In partnership with the American Cancer Society, “Big Mo” was at the Whetstone Sports Complex in Prattville. Mo took pictures with many of the young players and attendees. It was a part of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign for breast cancer awareness month. Organizer Dee Jones says its about giving back and giving to a good cause.

“There are a lot of people that make this work. Twice a week they make this work here. I want to say thanks to those people. And giving back to the community, especially with Real Men Wear Pink and the American Cancer Society when you know you have a cause to fight for it, makes it fun,” said Jones.

To help Dee help fight breast cancer, click here.

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