Pay It Forward: William Bowman of Selma

The Vance Law Firm and Alabama News Network are honoring William Bowman of Selma.

He’s the founder of VIP ,the non-profit with this simple mission: making life better for the blind and visually impaired.

VIP helps educate and connect visually impaired people with helpful resources, like free eye screenings preventative and corrective vision care and medical equipment. William plans regular outings to accommodate everyone he can with other disabilities as well.

“The reason why I call my organization VIP is because so many [blind] people feel like they are less than perfect and shouldn’t belong” he explained. “and I say, no you are a person you are entitled…and we should be treated like VIP”.

William is a public speaker, a dedicated advocate, and a friend to so many who just happens to be visually impaired himself.  You can find more information about his non-profit’s services here.

For his dedication and willingness to serve The Vance Law Firm and Alabama News Network are presenting William Bowman with $333. Thank you, William for being a guiding light in your community and beyond.


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