Balloon Release in Valley Grande Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Students at Valley Grande Elementary School held a Breast Cancer Awareness event this afternoon.

Students gathered outside — and released dozens of pink balloons into the air.

Wal Vgbreastcancer VoSchool counselor Tiffany James organized the event — after learning how much the disease had impacted students in their personal lives.

She says the event was a way to promote breast cancer awareness — plus encourage students to join the fight against the disease.

“The main focus of this is just teaching them how to be able to give, how to donate, how to be a part of your community and just be compassionate to those that are going through different sicknesses or disease,” said James.

“To know that even though your peers can be going through sicknesses or disease, and to just respect each other.”

October is breast cancer awareness month.

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