Inmates and Homeless May Qualify for Stimulus Checks

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Activist groups in Selma say thousands of people — are missing out on millions of dollars they’re entitled to — from the federal government.

Wal Stimulusinmates VoMembers of the Alabama News South Coalition — and the Save Our Selves Movement for Justice and Democracy held a press conference to raise awareness about the issue Thursday morning.

They say a federal court recently ruled that inmates — and homeless people — could qualify for stimulus checks.

“If they did not owe child support and if they had not been claimed by other people. Even if you made no income in 2019,” said Faya Rose Toure.

“There’s a form, a 1040 form you fill out, and if you are eligible, you have a right to that $1200 dollar stimulus check.”

For more information –or assistance — call (334) 526-4531 — or (334) 526-4538.

The deadline to apply is October 30th.

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