Residents Speak, City Council Listens, Passes Ordinance Restricting Liquor Stores

West Montgomery seems to be an attraction for business owners, but residents are not happy with the kind of businesses that are coming to the area.

Residents say package stores are popping up on every corner, and they are sick of it.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting the Montgomery City Council passed an ordinance restricting package stores from being 250 feet from a school, church , or public park.

The ordinance also requires package stores to be at least 25 feet apart.

In one area of West South Boulevard, at least 4 package stores can be found within a half-mile radius.

Earlier this year, the council blocked the application for another package store in the same area.

“We can have a cleaner community, we don’t want to have to worry about a someone drinking on every corner, we don’t want to have that going on so I think it’s going to help us,” said Audrey Graham, city councilor for District 4.

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