What the Tech? Why Boring Videos Are a Hit on YouTube

At a time when everywhere we turn there is bad news, shocking images or social media posts that prompt all kinds of feelings and emotions, maybe the best way to get away from it all, is to cue up some of the most boring videos of all time.

An entire genre of “oddly satisfying videos” is exploding on YouTube, perhaps because we all just need to take a break.

These are videos of people cutting soap with pocket knives, someone’s head being scratched, a pool being cleaned, or someone raking snow off their windshield. Videos that would never gain much of an audience anywhere. Except for YouTube.

While ASMR and oddly satisfying videos have been popular on YouTube for a few years they seem to be gaining even more viewers as the pandemic rolls along into month 8 (I think). A few videos uploaded just a week ago already have over a million views.

You can watch the grass grow on YouTube videos or watch 10 hours of paint drying on a wall.

But why?

Some of the comments posted to the videos shed some light on the popularity of the genre. Many viewers say the videos help them relax while others comment they play the videos, which often include soothing music, to fall asleep.

Researchers and psychologists have even looked into the popularity of these oddly satisfying videos and why humans respond to them the way we do. Researchers in Spain came to the conclusion that it is related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

In 2020 it may also have much to do with people just looking for a way to escape.

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