Thousands Vote Absentee in Dallas Co. Amid COVID-19

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Election day is just about a week away — but thousands of people in Dallas County — have already cast their votes.

“I came up here to vote because I don’t, I’m not able to go to the polls and vote and stuff. I can’t stand long.”

Corine Ingram of Minter is one of more than 2000 people in Dallas County who’ve already voted — by absentee ballot.

“We’ve hit a record,” said Circuit Clerk Lynnethia Robinson Bennett, who also serves as the Absentee Election Manager.

Wal Dcabsentee Pkg“A lot of people are coming in because of COVID-19. And as the law states, if you are coming in because of COVID you can check the third box on the absentee ballot application.”

Bennett  says people who plan to vote absentee — need to do so in-person at the courthouse — because there may not be enough time to complete the mail-in process this close to the election.

So she’s extending the hours available for people to vote absentee leading up to the deadline.

“The last day to absentee vote is Thursday. We normally close at 4:30. I extended it until 6 o’clock from today until Thursday.”

Ingram said the election is too important for people to just sit on the sideline.

“I want my vote to be counted and be represented,” she said.

“I encourage each and every one to get out and go to the poll and vote.”

For more information about absentee voting call (334) 874-2536.

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