Hurricane Zeta Recovery Continues in Selma-Dallas County Area

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in Selma and Dallas County continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta.

The damage from Zeta — is unmistakable. And the impact of the storm — is undeniable.

Wal Zetaaftermath VoZeta slammed the Selma-Dallas County area — with the force of a Hurricane leaving snapped and uprooted trees blocking roadways — and widespread power outages.

Even the traffic lights are out.

There are people are waiting in long lines at the few stores that are open — to get what they need.

“My power been out every since Wednesday morning when Zeta came through and knocked all the power out,” said Tena Moten of Selma.

Moten is out looking for ice to keep her baby’s milk and the rest of her food from going bad.

“I’m over here trying to find some ice to put in a cooler. But it appears since the power’s out over here, there’s no ice.”

Crews are hard at work — trying to restore power — and clean up after the storm.

“We still have some roads that are still blocked by trees but right now they’re trying to clear those roadways,” said EMA Director Toya Stiles.

Stiles says Zeta also caused damage to dozens of homes around the county — but no injuries or deaths have been reported in connection with the storm.

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