Steve Flowers Analysis: What We Learned from Election Day in Alabama and the U.S.

Alabama News Network Political Analyst Steve Flowers joined us on our newscasts to talk about what we have learned from Election Day, both in Alabama and across the country.

Even though we don’t yet know the final outcome of the presidential race, the results we do have show a nation that is split nearly equally. But Flowers points out that those who had predicted a landslide for either Joe Biden or President Trump were wrong. He says there was a late surge in Republican support for President Trump.

But while most people are focused on the presidential race, Flowers says it’s actually the U.S. Senate that will drive the nation. He says today’s rise in the financial markets is the result of the U.S. Senate races rather than the presidential race. He says in Alabama, it is important for us economically for the Republicans to maintain control of the Senate so that U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) stays in position as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. That will allow federal dollars to flow to Alabama.

Flowers says the lopsided outcome in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race that had Republican challenger Tommy Tuberville defeating Democratic U.S. Sen. Doug Jones is proof that Jones’ victory in the 2017 special election was a fluke.

Flowers says Jones spent $25 million to Tuberville’s $6-7 million and still lost. He says despite all of the changes made internally in the Alabama Democratic Party, the end result is much the same, with Democratic candidates unable to compete in statewide races.

Flowers says many people are voting from the top down, starting with the race for president. He says that makes it very difficult for Democratic candidates to get support when Alabama voters choose a Republican presidential candidate at the top of their ballot.

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