What the Tech? Get Ready for Early Black Friday Sales

We’re just three weeks away from Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

But this is 2020 when the holiday shopping season actually began in the middle of October with Amazon Prime Day.

All major retailers are releasing Black Friday sales circulars online to entice shoppers to order early. And often. So should you order Christmas gifts now or wait until Thanksgiving? Will the deals be as good as they are now?

I set out to try and get a good idea to pass along to you.

First I checked prices at Walmart which released its Black Friday sales advertisements on Wednesday and will begin selling items at Black Friday prices later in the day.

I found a robot vacuum cleaner for $99, an Instant Pot for $79, and a computer monitor for $155. How did those compare with Best Buy, Amazon, and Target?

That’s a good question that cannot be answered as Walmart is the only retailer selling those exact items. The other retailers had similar products but not the exact models.

At Amazon, I found a different model of robot vacuum cleaner but again, the exact model is not being sold by the other retailers. So you cannot compare the biggest discounts now apples to apples.

I did compare prices for some of the most popular Amazon devices. A Ring doorbell 3 is priced now at $139 at Amazon. Best Buy and Target both match that price along with a new version of the Amazon Fire Stick Lite for $18.

Will those prices drop further? According to www.Camelcamelcamel.com, those two products are already at their lowest price ever.

So should you buy now or wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Risks are small since these retailers will match the lowest price if it drops lower between now and Christmas.

Amazon devices, Air fryers, TVs, security cameras, and game consoles are could sell out like they did a few weeks ago. Shipping could be delayed.

For example, orders of the Amazon Echo Show placed on Prime Day, took 4-5 weeks for delivery. If that happens for Black Friday shoppers, the devices won’t arrive until a few days before Christmas.

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