What Does Pfizer’s Vaccine Announcement Mean for Alabama?

The company announced Monday that their vaccine is 90% effective in preventing coronavirus transmission.

On Monday, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that their vaccine was 90% effective in preventing coronavirus transmission.

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Alabama officials say the vaccine will be free because the federal government has pledged to buy $2 billon dollars worth of vaccine from Pfizer.

Pfizer is awaiting authorization from the FDA, which can come as soon as two weeks.

The company says that upon authorization, 50 million doses are available right now.

If the vaccines are distributed to states by population, Alabama is expected to receive between 400 and 500 thousand doses.

This comes as good news but there are still unknowns about the vaccine.

Officials don’t know how long the vaccine will remain effective once administered.

If the vaccine is 90% effective in all population groups is also an unknown.

The vaccine takes two shots given at different intervals to complete the treatment.

Alabama Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris says Alabama will follow CDC guidelines when it comes to prioritizing distribution.

According to that model, frontline healthcare workers will be the first to receive a vaccine.

After that the most vulnerable members of the population will receive the vaccine.

This includes Sr. citizens, and those with chronic underlying health conditions.

The Pfizer vaccine could be available for distribution as soon as mid December.


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