Over 20 Tons of Food Given Away to People in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

More than twenty tons of food was given away to over a thousand people in Selma — to help them feed their families.

Thirty pound boxes of food were handed out in a drive thru food giveaway Thursday morning — at Bloch Park.

Wal Selmafood Fox PkgThe food boxes included fresh fruit — vegetables — meat — milk — and other dairy products.

Organizers says the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta — on top of COVID-19 — has increased the need for food in the area.

“We already had people that were sort of struggling because of Corona and now we had the storm to come through and knocked out the power for 4 or 5 days,” said Rev. John Grayson.

“People losing their food in their freezers and the refrigerators. It’s layered and it’s just a little bit too much for the citizens to deal with, so you know they’ve been going through a lot,” said Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn.

The Black Belt Community Foundation — Dallas County — and the city of Selma sponsored the giveaway.

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