What the Tech? What Is the Social Media Platform MeWe?

Have you gotten an invitation from a Facebook friend to join “MeWe”? If you haven’t yet, just wait a couple of days.

The new social media network is attracting millions of people who are tired of the noise on Facebook and looking to stay connected while unplugging from the other 4 billion Facebook users.

MeWe says there’ are no ads, no spyware, and no political agenda. That all sounds great but is MeWe good enough to replace Facebook?

If you remember signing up for Facebook, signing up for MeWe is similar. You just need an email address or phone number. Its Terms of Services is impressive. You own your content, nothing about MeWe using it without your knowledge.

It says you won’t get targeted advertisements or content. It won’t sell your information to anyone and they don’t use facial
recognition technology. In that respect, MeWe is the anti-Facebook.

But let’s look at what new users will see:

You’ll need to get your friends there. You can upload a contacts list to the MeWe servers and it’ll show you who’s already using it. You can also send invites to all contacts, but don’t do that. No one wants a gazillion email invites. It’s best just to post your info to Facebook.

Once you’re on, you’ll start getting contact requests and it’ll start to feel like Facebook. The newsfeed is called My World, messages are called chats. MeWe became popular when Google Plus died so there are some great communities already established here. I suggest browsing through to see what you’re interested in.

MeWe is free and takes no paid advertising or sells your information. So how does it make money? You can purchase things like themes, stickers. Businesses have to pay $2 a month for pages, It’s $2 a month for voice and video calling. and you can pay for cloud storage. WeMe also takes donations.

What MeWe is not, is Facebook for conservatives. Although it’s grown since the election, you don’t see much politics. At least right now. The biggest reason people are joining MeWe is privacy and the freedom to post and share anything they want.

Can MeWe replace Facebook? I think it has the best opportunity of any recent social networks to make a dent in Facebook’s 4 billion user base. If Facebook has gotten to be overwhelming with too much noise and too many privacy concerns, using MeWe is like starting all over with social media.

And before you think Facebook is too big to go away, let me ask you…do you remember MySpace?

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